When they first began writing their debut album, AshenMoon bassist Garry Beers, singer Toby Rand and guitarist Jimmy Khoury unraveled their personal songwriting and began collaborating a “Passion Project” in Beers’ garage studio.There, in the heat of the San Fernando Valley (LA), they created the recipe and sound of AshenMoon. A fusion of 70’s, new wave and modern rock n roll. Produced by Beers (co-produced by Rand), the album is influenced by the electronic grooves of Beers’ work with INXS, hooky riffs inspired by Khoury’s work with Beth Hart, whilst Rand traverses his range emotionally with tales of heartbreak, love and redemption; something uniquely his own. After recently partnering with Golden Robot Records, AM is set to release their first EP titled ‘UMBRA 1’ on October 16th. Accompanying the music are videos shot during worldwide lockdown, spearheaded by the electro-rock track DUSTBOWL - shot on the empty LA city streets.

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Mixed by Grammy award winner David Reitzas and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Jeff Buckley), the AshenMoon record is majestically anthemic, whilst remaining magnetically intimate.

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“Not since my days with INXS have I felt more connected to music. We made this record from the heart and pay homage to all the great rock bands and artists that have inspired us to devote our lives to music” - Garry Beers