Fabulous Disaster

San Francisco’s Fabulous Disasters humble beginnings began in early 1998 in the bustling SF punk scene. They have releases on every range of the punk rock label spectrum. From self releases to the DIY sounds of Rodent Popsicle Records to two critically acclaimed full lengths on Pink and Black/Fat Wreck Chords. They\‘ve toured the world with great bands like NOFX, The Ataris, The Dickies, The Real McKenzies, The Briefs, Mad Caddies, Bouncing Souls, Avail & Propagandhi to name a few. What do Fabulous Disaster sound like? Imagine sweet, sweet harmonies slipping effortlessly into torn, fishnet stockings of punk. Imagine band that plays tighter than a rhino-sized butt plug shoved in a gnats ass. It’s all about sweet devastation and smeared lipstick.You don’t even need a GED to get the gist of what they’re singin about; songs skid and flicker like a pinball back and forth between revenge, gettin some, love gone wrong, getting run over by Volvos, Joyrides, to good old fashioned angst. Ever wonder what would have happened if Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks got whacked aside the head, slashed by a broken beer bottle, had his blood mingled with both Jane Drano and Dottie Danger of the Go-Go’s. Wonder no longer. Fabulous Disaster has filled that test tube!!!