Hit The Switch

Hit the Switch is a melodic thrash punk band formed in 2003 by high school friends Matt Hawks and Jerry Fenn. They recorded their first demo with Dave Swanson and TJ Rivera at Love Juice Studios. Followed by numerous local shows and releasing an acoustic EP, as well as their first LP entitled “Spread the Disease”. The band then signed to Nitro Records and released “Domestic Tranquillity & Social Justice” in 2006. Hitting the road with multiple tours throughout the U.S./Canada and Europe, playing with legendary bands Strung Out, the Vandals, NOFX, Authority Zero, Guttermouth and countless others. The band gained momentum and went full force when they released their third LP entitled “Observing Infinities”. Which was an evolution of the bands signature sound. Throughout the next few years, the band toured relentlessly and added drummer A.J. Condosta of Jugheads Revenge, I Hate Kate, Darling Thieves and Voodoo Glow Skulls to the roster. Matt also joined forces with Pour Habit (FAT Records) becoming the band’s new guitarist. The band went on to release a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” and the single track “Retroactive” in 2011. Now, after a 7 year stretch, the band have returned with “Entropic”, a fast paced explosion of thrashing melodies, with a lyrical emphasis on post societal decay and civilizations’ collective indifference. The full length LP is set for release on Bird Attack Records on September 25th 2018.