Venice, CA - 1983, the birthplace of SKATEPUNK and the band that catapulted the movement worldwide the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Their debut self titled album featured the punk hits I Saw Your Mommy…, Suicidal Failure, Possessed and Institutionalized, the first hardcore punk hit to receive substantial airplay on the still growing all music channel MTV. Their 1987 sophomore album, JOIN THE ARMY, although didn’t live up to the expectations of its predecessor, did spawn the hits War Inside My Head, Possessed to Skate, and Born To Be Cyco. Through the years the lineup of the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES continues to evolve but one truth stands - There’s no SUI…without Loui!

After leaving SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Mayorga bounced around Los Angeles working with Kidd Frost, Norwood Fisher, Aaron Mcfadden, Lily Hayden, toured as a stand in bass player for Cypress Hill, and founded the ska-punk-rasta-funk band HORNY Toad! which is best known for the modest hit SHIVER.

“While on the road with H.R. of BAD BRAINS, club promoters who remembered me from the 80’s kept asking me where I’ve been and why I wasn’t touring and it suddenly hit me. I co-wrote/wrote or composed some pretty big hits, it would be nice to play them live again. It’s been almost 30 years and the songs are still hits. I can tell because I’m still getting royalty checks,” adds Mayorga and upon returning to Los Angeles Mayorga formed LUICIDAL.

With drummer R.J. Herrera (Suicidal Tendencies 1987 - 1990), Ricky Reynaga (guitar, former bands include the Rolling Papers and Sancho’s Revenge), and singer Mando Ochoa (Sick Sense), the lineup is complete and it’s time to PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE. Make no mistake this is a hardcore punk show, playing the hardcore hits penned or composed by Mayorga the way they were written.
“I’ve heard the variations of the songs I’ve worked on and frankly - That’s not the way I wrote or composed them. These songs were written with angst, anger, excitement and not meant to be MP3’s you could buy and use as background karaoke. Don’t get me wrong, buy the karaoke versions, I need to feed my kids anyway” interjects Mayorga.
The set list to include but not limited to songs listed in this release.