Naked Aggression

Naked Aggression is an in-your-face political punk band that started in Madison, WI in the late 1990s as a protest against the 1st Gulf War. The band was formed by, Kirsten Patches on vocals, and the late, Phil Suchomel on guitar while attending the University of Wisconsin. Shortly after formation, Kirsten and Phil moved the band to Oakland, CA, with the help of Broken Rekids and then later to Los Angeles into the Cell 63 House. 1991 to 1998 saw the band release three full length records, three seven inches, one live record and several compilation exclusive songs. In support of their music and message they extensively toured North America and Europe. 

Penelope Spheeris approached the band in 1996 and as a result they are featured in her documentary film, “The Decline of Western Civilization: Part III”, for which Phil recorded his first film score. In 1998, just as they were about to embark on a national tour in support of their newest album, The Gut-Wringing Machine, the band came to an abrupt end when Phil died from complications arising from his chronic asthma.

Five years past. Five years of mourning. Kirsten participated in other projects (OMOBNA & Meet the Virus) but nothing satisfied her intense anger and frustration with world politics like Naked Aggression. Thus, in 2003, in light of the second George Bush’s Gulf War, Kirsten thought it fitting to reform the band in order to continue carrying on the message started over a decade ago under astoundingly similar geopolitical circumstances.

Since the reformation, Naked Aggression has toured the U.S., and Europe and released a split L.P. with, Die Schwarzen Schaffe, on Compary Records in Germany. S.O.S. Records released a best of album called, Heard it All Before, and the long awaited re-release of the, Gut-Wringing Machine, Cd with added video footage and live tracks. July 2011 On the Rag Records released a split cd with NA and All or Nothing H.C. May 2012 released a split 7” e.p. featuring Naked Aggression, MDC, Raw Power, and Som-HiNoise. Long time friend, Michael Millett, at, loyally maintains the Naked Aggression back catalog in its entirety.