Tartar Control

Tartar Control is a Punk Rock band consisting of two Mormon Missionaries and a Robot. They reside in South Central LA, spreading “the good news” to anyone who can hear. They’ve played many shows in Southern CA opening for such notable bands as The Dead Kennedys, JFA, TSOL, US Bombs, and Youth Brigade. This year they are embarking on two national tours: one opening to The VooDoo Glow Skulls in the fall and one this summer on their own which they are calling, “The Say Your Prayers Tour”. Tartar Control has also been a part of The Sunset Strip Music Festival, NXNE, The Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival and will be at this year’s Remember The Punks Festival in San Antonio.

The band consists of three members: Robert Selander on vocals, Sean Hart on guitar and backup vocals, and their Robot, Robot who plays both drums and bass guitar simultaneously. In 2011 they released their first album, “Holy Crap!” to which Punknews.org said, “... that album probably has some of funniest, sickest, and twisted thirty tracks you will hear.” And that, “...the music itself is really good and though they may be hilariously disturbing, the lyrics are very well written and creative.” Several music videos have been made for the songs, “Diabolical”, “Jesus is Love”, and “Smoking Crack”.

In 2015, Tartar Control released their second album entitled, “We Forgive You”, which ByTheBarricade.com has deemed a “...an enjoyable, raw, fast paced, and hilarious ride.” In addition to two albums and music videos, Sean, Robert, and Robot have made the first episode of a TV show following their antics, entitled “Tartar Control”