Code (The)

Energetic, in-your-face melodic riffs intertwined with positive politically and socially conscious messages are the name of the game for Pittsburgh punk rockers, THE CODE. Their raw, honest and tangible rhetoric combined with powerful sing-along melodies have the ability to get the most jaded punk rock fans to stand up and take notice. One listen to their debut A-F Records CD, “Alert, Aware, Involved,” (recorded at the legendary Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, IN by Mass Giorgini) will remind all fans of the genre as to why they fell in love with punk rock in the first place, both musically and ethically.

No facades, no pretensions - The Code deliver their music with the honesty and spirit that punk rock was founded upon many years ago and they will proudly carry those traditions onward for years to come. On their appearance on the recently completed North American “Mobilize for Peace” tour, The Code proved to be a band worthy of the praise which has earned them the distinction as “one of the east coast’s most promising underground punk bands!”, courtesy of ANTI-FLAG’s bassist Chris “#2”. The Code have made an impact in the local scene thanks to their undying punk spirit and no-holds-barred approach to keeping the spirit of ‘77 alive in the New Millennium without succumbing to the polished and vapid trends which have infiltrated the current punk scene.

An emphasis on solid songwriting with catchy and memorable songs has helped propel The Code into one of Pennsylvania’s fastest rising bands, a distinction held by many yet deserved by few.