Raspberry Brothers (The)

The Raspberry Brothers are the #1 interactive live movie comedy group in the United States.  Think Mystery Science Theater 3000 only live with three of the nation’s sharpest comedians sitting front and center before some of the worst movies in history.  Jerm and his band of Raspberry Brothers provide hilarious commentary, sketch comedy, and musical skits.

Fans of comedy, film, and live theater all love the Raspberry Brothers. The the troupe has toured across the U.S. performing to sold-out audiences at colleges, movie theaters, and private gigs including corporate events by clients such as Dell, IBM, and ID Software.

What The Press Is Saying:
Voted “Best Comedy” Show by The Austin Chronicle three years in a row, and “Best Comedy Act for the University Setting” by Study Breaks, the most popular national college magazine!

“The can’t-miss hit of the year, the must see ticket of the millennium.  And why not? These three guys prove that comic actors can be strong, sassy, and above all - fashionable!”
-Austin Chronicle, “Best Of” Award Issue

“Do you miss Mystery Science Theater 3000?  See The Raspberry Brothers with microphones in hand, screening bad movies and mocking them throughout.”
-Time Out New York

“Luckily the world has a crew of comedians to skewer flagrant abuses of celluloid….the talented team of the Raspberry Brothers.”
- Houston Press

Other write-ups include The New Yorker, Christian Science Monitor, and Lonely Planet to name a few.