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Anti-Flag Death of a Nation

Legendary political punk rock band ANTI-FLAG are releasing their first-ever live DVD, Death of a Nation, on October 19th. A visual chronicle of their recent tours across the United States, Death of a Nation supports their most recent Fat Wreck Chords CD, The Terror State and was filmed at a variety of North American shows. This 2+ hour DVD offers a rare glimpse of ANTI-FLAG live with region-free coding so that people everywhere can view their performance. In addition to the live footage, Death Of A Nation will feature the video for “Turncoat,” which has been one of’s most downloaded videos for the past few months and is also featured in Fat Wreck Chords’ acclaimed Rock Against Bush Volume 1 compilation. The DVD also includes unreleased videos for “Post-War Breakout” (with never-before-seen footage of Woody Guthrie), “Death Of A Nation,” the making of “Turncoat”,  in addition to behind-the-scenes footage from different shows.

ANTI-FLAG have garnered the respect of musicians from all genres lately as one of the flagship PunkVoter bands and the headlining act on the Rock Against Bush Tour (alongside Midtown, Strike Anywhere, The Nightwatchmen featuring Tom Morello, The AKA’s and Mike Park). Their songs have become anthems for the youth cry rallying people to create a positive change in their communities. ANTI-FLAG’s trademark attitude of not only questioning authority but forcing the government to justify their actions have led to many proactive organizations aligning with the band including Indy Media, Democracy Now!, Axis of Justice, PETA, Amnesty International and many more. Death of a Nation and all of their albums come with literature and websites to help educate their audience on the alternative perspective of current events.

The full track-listing for Death of a Nation features many of ANTI-FLAG’s newer material as well as the classics they have honed from over ten years of touring.

Death of a Nation Live Set Includes:

Tearing Everyone Down
911 For Peace
Power To The Peaceful
Underground Network
Captain Anarchy
Watch The Right
Angry, Young & Poor
Sold As Freedom
No Borders, No Nations
A New Kind Of Army
Spaz’s House Destruction Party
Got The Numbers
This Machine Kills Fascists
That’s Youth
Bring Out Your Dead
Post-War Breakout
Mind The G.A.T.T.
You Can Kill The Protestor, But You Can’t Kill The Protest
Death Of A Nation
Die For The Government
Fuck The Flag

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