Hellbound Hepcats

Hellbound Hepcats
(Stomp Records)

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Their aptly named 2012 sophomore album “No. 2” comes hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed self-titled 2010 debut. Since then, The Hellbound Hepcats have played over 500 shows and shared the stage with Brian Setzer (Montreal Jazz Fest), The Creepshow, The Brains, The Koffin Kats, Bloodshot Bill and countless others. Jammed to the brim with songs about love, lust, hard living, humor, overindulgence and good times, No. 2 will instantly make you nostalgic for that bygone era when fun, rebellion and rock n roll were all that mattered.

Let’s let the press fill you in on the rest….

Quips and accolades from the press gallery:

“The Hellbound Hepcats find their strength in faithfully recreating the raucous sound that once panicked a nation’s parents; the sound that newscasters once blamed for pulling the “innocent” suburban youth into smoky dancehalls nationwide. These are songs that would have garnered plenty of scandalous hip-shaking in their heyday, but still channel enough energy to get today’s onlookers swinging their shoulders and tapping their toes. This is an old school rock n’ roll trip to an age of drive-in theatres and revved up hot rods – for those who place an emphasis on the “billy,” and still idolize The King.” – The Punksite

“What the Hepcats have perfected, beyond their contemporaries and matching the former greats of the genre, is the charisma and swagger of early rock music. With the sort of confidence that the band exude so well, it is only a matter of time before the rockabilly world will be bowing at their feet.” – The Examiner

“Why should you know the Hellbound Hepcats? Listening to this band is like stepping into a time machine and entering the 1950s, where rock ‘n’ roll started. Alex Brown’s voice is just amazing, and he sounds so close to Elvis you would think he was a reincarnation.” – When I Got Music Mag