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Only a band of arresting importance could be regarded as the foundation of such mighty conquests as Strike Anywhere (Jade Tree and now Fat Wreck Chords), Ann Beretta (Lookout!), and River City High (Doghouse). But Inquisition, a band that remains highly influential in spite of their brief mid-90’s lifespan, is that important. According to Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett (ex-Inquisition), the resonance of Inquisition remains a dear relative to the music he and his band mates are creating today. (In fact, Barnett’s band is named after an Inquisition song entitled Strike Anywhere.) And notably, all kinds of bands, from an assortment of scenes, have sighted Inquisition as a necessary inspiration for their songwriting: Hot Water Music, Ensign, Anti-Flag, Dashboard Confessional, Suicide Machines—among others.

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