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The Brains
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Canada’s most insanest, undeadest and bestest psychobilly horror-punks are back with a vengeance and an unquenchable thirst for new blood.

Since the release of their third self-titled full-length in early 2009, The Brains have been on a never-ending tour, steadily tearing a bloody swath across Canada, the US and Europe garnering an ever-faithful throng of rapt and adoring minions. Their two video singles for “Gone” and “Turn Around” enjoyed tons of airplay on Much Music, Much Loud and Musique Plus. They won “Punk Album Of The Year” from GAMIQ (Quebec indie music awards), were voted “Punk Band Of The Year” by the Montreal Mirror and had several songs featured on the top-selling x-Box, PS3 video game WET.

Recorded over several months deep underground in a Montreal bunker, ZOMBIE NATION is by far The Brains’ best work to date. Rene D La Muerte’s dirty Gretsch twang melds seamlessly with newcomer Colin The Dead’s blistering stand-up bass stylings all the while held together by Franck O’ Brains who pounds harder and faster than a crackhead’s heartbeat after a fix. Some of the best and biggest names in psychobilly and rockabilly lent their unique talents on the recording, including Stein, Matt and Andy from the legendary Mad Sin, Dan Deleon from Rezurex and Richy from Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space. ZOMBIE NATION is guaranteed to become a fast favorite for all fans of punk, rock, psychobilly, horror, metal and everything in between.

Don’t believe me? Let’s see what the fine folks in the press have to say:

“Speaking of intensity, The Brains are quickly becoming one of Canadian psychobilly’s most revered exports….Such proof is evident on The Brains’ latest eponymous effort, their third overall, which was recently released by Union Label Group. The band strived to expand on the country, punk and classic rock ‘n’ roll sound of their first two efforts, and the album is easily their most enjoyable romp through kitschy graveyard imagery, relationship woes and general debaucherous behaviour” – Chart Magazine

“You see, singer/guitarist René was once in Delta 666 and bassist John and drummer Franck were in the Ripcordz. Then they died, I guess, because now they’re shambling, brain-munching zombies mixing the raw fury of punk with the sexed-up shake of rockabilly” – The Mirror

“The Brains are a killer, seven year old psychobilly punk band from Montreal, Canada. It’s truly quite amazing how such a crazy sound can come out of just three instruments: the bass, guitar and drums. Though often classified as straight up psychobilly or rockabilly, The Brains are really more at the hardcore end of the rockabilly music scale; it’s like punk with a serious twist” – Pure Grain Radio

“The Brains come raging out of Montreal’s psychobilly scene to take over your stereos and chow down on, well, your brains.” – Exclaim